Sunday, September 30, 2018

i think this is it...

hey, its been a while, again...

theres something i have on my mind for a while now. this might really be a last post on this blog.

i know i know, i announced i quit several times already and allways ended up coming back, but this time its different. this time i dont quit with 3d as a whole, as i still enjoy it ocasionally, this time i think its time to quit posting here and move on elsewhere.

you see, there were times when i finished a mod and i was just itching to post about it here, but that feeling is gone for a few years i post there more or less only because it allways was like this, honestly i dont really even enjoy it anymore...good example of that is the wr2 convert of tuned levin you see under this text, i finished that convert over 8 months ago and i still didnt felt like posting about it here...if someone wonder, this is that "one more thing to post about" i mentioned in last post...

i know why is that. lets face the facts. mod blogs are dead. have a look into the blog roll for example. blogs that once used to be very active are now dead for years, shoutboxes is dead, noone cares about blogs anymore. its sad, but that how it is...

i simply came to conclusion that its pointless to keep posting anything here, since noone cares, even me by now.

it also feels like over the years, i made this blog too restricted to be around modding, even tho i like to post my real life stuff aswell, i just never really felt like this is a right place to post that stuff here...ofcourse i could change that, but theres no point in that now anyway.

now, i sayd that id like to move elsewhere. but where? thats pretty easy. instagram.

i have my instagram profile for a few years now, i post pretty much anything from my modding to real life stuff there, and i enjoy it alot. about same like i used to enjoy post here. instagram just replaced this place for me completely by now.

so, if you want to keep following what im up to, i invite you to check MY INSTAGRAM PROFILE ;).

now, what about this blog? even tho this is probably last post ever, i going to keep it up and running. after all, its over 10 years of my life, it feels too nostalgic to just delete it...and who knows, maybe one time i will feel like posting something here again...but at this point, i seriously doubt it.

and thats it. id like to thank all of you for reading my blog over the years, id never thought it will last this long, but everything gotta end one day. thank you very much, and i will hopefully see you at instagram ;).

good bye ;).

Monday, May 14, 2018

ae86 levin...tuned.

oh hey, so after many months since i finished this one i finally got myself to post about the tuned version of the levin i mentioned in the previous 2 posts lmao...

as i mentioned in the stock levin v3 post, i originally wanted to just make a tuned version based on v2, infact i actually did, but once i realised how bad the v2 is, i deleted it, did the v3 and did pretty much exact same thing based on the v3 lel.

i wanted to make something simple again, a rather street car with 90s vibe to it. so whats different from stock version:


-aero parts, oem lip, oem sideskirts, ductail spoiler
-FET foglights
-oem grille with gold stripes
-some stickers here and there
-the car doesnt use carcol anymore, its allways white/black now
-tom's igeta wheels by me


-recaro sr3 from SURGE, but slightly edited, completely retextured, the pattern they have is one of actual sr3 patterns
-nardi steering wheel originally from original rfactor levin that i remodeled for my tuned onevia. this time it have a silver spokes tho
-pioneer ts-x7 speakers by me at the parcelshelf
-oem digital gauges
-some small stuff, ultranorsk at the mirror, cocacola can in a holder, cigarretes in the centre console


-tuned 4a-ge, its an original engine model from the rfactor levin, but reworked abit

and thats pretty much all, as i sayd, i wanted to make something simplyer again, and i think it ended up pretty well, im pretty happy about the result :D.

and so, thats all for now. i still have one more thing to post, something closely related to this levin, so see you (hopefully) soon :).

Saturday, March 10, 2018

tom's igeta

hey, so after a long, long while i made another aftermarket wheel from scratch :D. well actually i did it over 8 months ago, after i finished the levin from the last post lol, but just like with the levin, i just didnt got myself to post about it lmao...

i know there are some igeta models already, but i didnt found this exact type, even tho i feel like its the most usual one...i wanted to use this type for the tuned levin based on the new model, so i had to do it myself lel. credit goes to SURGE, from wich i used the brake rotor and centre nut, but with slight edit by me.

so that would be all for now, next post will finally be the tuned version of the levin, so see you again soon ;).

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

toyota ae86 levin...v3.

ah and ae86 all started by trd levin convert nearly 8 years ago...shortly after i made a first stock version out of it, but it was pretty terrible...about 4 years ago i made a second version, wich i considered to be pretty good...untill i wanted to make another tuned version based on it, lol...i figured out this thing needs a complete makeover...

...and here it is.

anyway hi, its been a while, how are you guys been? im still relatively active in modding, tho i still do stuff mostly for stuner atm...truth is, i made the v3 nearly half year ago, shortly after i finished the new hakone, lol...if you follow my instagram (where im way more active than here lmao), you might remember i posted some wip shots of it back then...but i never got to post about fully finished one untill now lmao...

so yeah, i was working on a tuned one, but more i worked on it, the more i figured out the v2 is pretty bad...weird mix of zenki and kouki, with tuned rear bumper, on a stock car, i scrapped the tuned one i was working on and decided its time to do the stock one propertly first. i was thinking if to make a zenki or kouki out of it, and i decided to go with the end it would probably be easyer if i would go with kouki, but oh well lmao, id say i like the zenki more not really going to write a full list of changes like i used to do this time, not only it would be super long, but also after that half year, i barely remember it too lmao...but here goes slightly shorter version lel:

-completely reworked exterior to make it zenki with everything that zenki i supposed to have, from the taillights to the headlights and everything between. i was using brochures as a reference, i also made some missing details, such as fuel cap and rear wiper and fixed a bunch of the v2, the front rotating grile was actually openable, with the lights turned on...i decided to remove this during remodelling the grille, as it wasnt too realistic anyway

-completely reworked interior, its still the interior originally from GTAPEX's ae86 for racer, it was an kouki interior tho. i have reworked it completely to the zenki, from the interior tint, gauges, to the front seats...i also fixed a bunch of bugs there, modelled rear seats wich were completely missing and also made a whole new doorwells or how you call know, these things you see when you open the doors

-reworked engine, the v2 had mostly untouched tuned engine from the original model, in v3 case, the engine bay is still the original one out of racer, but reworked, and the engine itself is an stock 4a-ge out of some nfs model, wich needed a bunch of fixings too

-reworked wheels, its still the wheels that we did with FLASH for our corona t14, but they had a wayy too big concave and few bugs so i reworked and fixed that, i also made a new texture for them as there was a pretty big uv map error on them...

-reworked car colors, already the v2 had a mix of panda and simple colors, but it was done pretty poorly, so i added a third color in the carcols line and i got a much better results :D i added few new colors too, but its still mostly based on the brochures:D

-4 extra parts, i decided to add some optional parts as extra, mostly from 1985 model, wich is nearly same besides few details. it goes like this:
*extra1: digital gauges (availible in both 83 and 85 models)
*extra2: gold lines on the grille (apperantly all models from 85 had them)
*extra3: gold lines on grille, oprional aero parts (lip, sideskirts and trunk spoiler, i decided to keep the sideskirts black even on the non panda models even tho it would be pretty easy to make them paintable, i actually tryed and they just look better in black lel)
*extra4: same as extra3+digital gauges

-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

lots of work went into it and im pretty sure i missed lots of things, but whatever, i think the pics of finished car speaks for themselfs, im very happy with the result :).

so yeah, that will be all for now, i actually have few more things to post, mainly a tuned version of this one, so see you again in few days ;D.

Friday, August 18, 2017

finally...a proper hakone nanamagari.

hi :D so recently i sometimes play gta again, so i think it was obvious i going to do some modding again lmao...this time its an another map...a hakone nanamagari :D you might remember my old nanamagari, it was my first addon map back in 2010, but it wasnt that good...not so long ago i was considering reworking it, but i figured out i wouldnt be able to make it as good as it could be, so i never did...just few weeks later, this one dropped for asseto corsa lol...i allways liked this touge (these 90s videos from there are fucking legendary) and i wanted a proper one for gta for quite a while, so this had to be done :D

in general, i tryed to keep the map exactly as it was, but ofc i had to make some changes, fixes etc...

so what i did on it:

 -converted to gta

-reworked the surroundings so its an actual island, not just a floating road etc

-some fixes, mostly welding, texture fixing and such

-polygon reduction, the map is very high poly, so i reduced the polygons at some areas.for example road itself, before welding it had nearly 40k polygons, after welding it have 6k yet its still nicely smooth, and so on :D

-proper sa style prelight, bright at day, dark at night etc :D

- poper sa style collision brightness setting, wich means when you drive there, at day the car is bright, at night the car is dark :D

-lod model, so its vissible from long distance

-sa style 2dfx lights, the map comes with a street lamps, i didnt wanted to delete them and replace them with generic sa lamps, so for the first time ever, i added a 2dfx lights effect into them :D i also added them into lod model, so it works with project2dfx mod aswell :D this also means when you will move the map elsewhere, the lights will still work propertly :D

-it uses 4 dff's, as i sayd the map is quite high poly, so i did an separate dffs for the main map, guard rails and other fences, other props and a vegetation :D all of the dff's use the same coordinates tho, so if you will want to move the the map elsewhere, just place the first, main dff, and use same cords for the rest, it will place exactly how it shoud :D

...i tryed to make it the best i could, and i think this is the best map i worked with so far, very happy with how this turned out :D

now lets have few pics:

like usaly with new map,i made a showcase video :D

before we get to the download, there is few more things: 

known issues: 

-since its a map originally from asseto corsa, where you cant really walk around, i reccomend you, dont go into the trees areas etc, there are some holes etc and you might fall under the road lmao, didnt felt like its necessary to fix that.
-at night, when you drive past the walls, at few areas it doesnt reflect the lights on the walls, mostly it do but i didnt found solution for that... atleast its on areas where you will barely notice it lol


 same as my original hakone, at a los santos pier. if your not sure where that is, like usally i put a map into the archive :D

thanks to:
-SKYFLIGHTMUSIC, who is the original autor of the map for asseto corsta, he did an awesome job :D
-DIXICZ, who did some testing for me

and a last thing:

in case of any edits, converts etc, dont forget to give credits!

so here you go :D

besides this, i also made a small update on the blog,i cleaned the blog roll section from the blogs that were deleted or inactive for many years...i kept only the active ones, or the ones where id like to see some activity again lmao...from over 60 blogs to not even 25...its kinda sad, how did this comunity died over the years...but i guess nothing can be done about it...i also resized the blog abit.i was setting it up back when i still had a 4:3 monitor, so now it felt way too narrow so i resized the general width.also pictures were way too small, so from now on i will use an different setting when making a post :D but i did go trough all the old posts and set the same size for the rest of the pics too, so its same on entire blog :) took a while tho lmao

aaaand thats about all :D i actually have one more thing to post, if you follow my INSTAGRAM you already know what im talking about, but about that some other time, so see you then ;).

Thursday, December 1, 2016

lmao...i missed it

...yeah i just realised i quite missed my 10 years since i entered gta,and general modding business anniversary by like 2

but yeah,even tho im not as active as i used to be,and mostly on s-tuner lately,after all these years,i still somehow enjoy it:D i didnt did anything new in a while now tho,but i will,sooner or later,i still got some ideas :D

10 years...i wouldnt ever guess i would be so much into it back when when i started...its so long ago,lots of things changed meanwhile,lots of good guys come and go,etc...yet it feels like i wrote that 5 years post just month ago...time flyes,and its actually quite scary how much...

well i dont want to leave this post without images,so even tho i dont realy show my s-tuner work on my blog,i will make a expection this time :D its the r30 we did with FLASH ages ago,i fixed it and converted it to s-tuner quite a while ago,but just recently i reworked it even more,to the facelift known as iron face :D complete rework to facelift version,bumpers,sideskirts,everything :D pretty happy with the result :)

i might convert it back to sa one time too :D tho i dont rly play sa again lmao...well i didnt did anything in stuner in a while now too,as i lately either do stuff irl,or play my summer car,or play at nes classic lmfao

anyway,excuse this abit messy post,but i felt like posting something about that...thanks for everything guys :)

and so that would be all for now,i will post something again,after i will do something for gta,lel...or would you be interested to see my stuner works too?i did quite a heaps of stuff for that already,i guess i could post it aswell,if there would be enough demand...but something tells me i wont get any reaction at all like usally,oh well....anyway, cya for noe ;D

PS:fuck you chase Oo

Thursday, September 22, 2016

long time no bluebird 910.

hey,so,if you read my blog for a long time (pretty sure noone like this left tho lol),you might think this is not a first time you see a 910 here...yes,youre right,this is like 5th post with stock 910 lmao.first one have been done 6 years ago,and was rubbish lmao...then i did several next versions,fixes,etc,still based on the original convert...but it was still shit lol...main problem was i didnt found a stock version,only some rallye one,so i had to make lots of changes to make it somehow stock and it wasnt too good,not to mention i didnt had as much skill with this as i have now lmao...i actually wanted to make it again and propertly,based on a stock version of the car for quite a while,so i did :D,originally for s-tuner tho.but now im somehow back at gta i felt like making a sa version aswell,so i did what all have been done:

-converted from racer

-completely remodeled,as the stuner doesnt use textures,i had to make it all quite detailed,so fully 3d doorlines,bumper lines,light lines,etc,grille,inner parts of the lights,etc...basically i had remodeled the complete car,i think there isnt a single thing i wouldnt remodel,edit or fix lmao

-fully textured,as mentioned stuner doesnt use textures so i had to do this now,all the light textures are actual 910 lights,so do badges,generic underbody texture i use all the time,rest is just single color textures

-interior,once again all fixed and partially remodeled,especially in area of the doors when opened etc,decided to use the original racer texture in case of interior as it was quite decent,had to model pedals,gearknob and handbrake as it was completely missing for some reason,and i uv mapped these new parts in the interior texture so it all match.also added a mirror

-stock 910 wheels,racer version comes with these,but they were quite shit so i ended up making completely new ones myself,tire is the one i use on all stock wheels

-engine,decided to use generic IV engine once again,i think thats much better thing to do than using a photo of engine like i used to lmao,ofc engine bay had to be completely remodeled so it fits,not much left of it lmao,some edits on the engine itself too,decided to make it like you can see the cooler by the grille

-4 extras,halfbumper by me,foglights by me,in case of foglights,you can separately turn them on,or they turn themself on while foggy weather,ivlm is amazing thing :D,my pioneer ts-x7 and 4th extra is all of this toghether :D

-added exhaust,stock one by me,but originally for some other car,not sure for wich anymore,i use this exhaust all the time lmao

-added plates,the usual ones i use lel

-adapted to ivlm

-adapted to steering.cs

...and probably something else lmao.might sound like it wasnt that much of a work,but if i count the time i spend on it when i was remodeling it for stuner,and the time i was working on sa version,in total it took me circa a week to make it how i wanted it.but in the end im very satisfied with the result :D.anyway this would be all for this time,i dont have anything in progress rn,but i have few ideas till i make something,cya ;D.