Sunday, June 27, 2010

toyota soarer z10 bosozoku

hi,so after some time here is my next bosozoku car:D,this time a was pretty much inspired by THIS one,but i didnt want do 100% replica so i did some things different:D,so what i did on it:
-removed left tailight+ space for licence plate
-diffuzor under rear bumper
-edited rear plate on diffuzor
-alittle edited front bumper
-moved and edited front plate
-moved mirrors
-edited exhaust
-paint job and some decals(pj by me :D)
-ssr mk.3
thats probaly all about the car:D,btw,i did new VIDEO from my new hakone,its not taked with that z10 but whatever xD....thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

hakone nanamagari v2

hi,so i did new version of my hakone nanamagari:D,i did that because corners was pretty "boxy",it was pretty small what all i did on it:
-remodeled corners
-remodeled start of new way(because i resize it both roads couldnt be on that molo at same time,so i made new way like its end is not done yet,but you can go on map from old way,but not so far from start is a crossing with new way,possible to see on some pics)
-modeled roadsigns( on them is writed what road go where, for write it in japanese i used google translator,then i tryed it by yahoo translator,so it should be ok:D)
-new yellow strips on some corners(if you tryed my first version,you can know texture of yellow strips was totaly fucked,so i decided this time i dont do it by texture,but i model them here:D
-new peak( i decided i put on peak gas station,i taked gas station from san fierro,near to army base and remake it,like textures for it i use NELLY eneos reskin of that gas station in sf...gas station is only thing what is not modeled by me on this map:D,i allso add here 2 original sa lamps)
-fixed road texture of new way( on straight part of road texture was too stretched,so i fix it)
-prelighted( for those who not know what it mean,its not so dark like it was,its bright)
-changed IDs(thats mean,you can use it with my nikko and even with okaru:D,but you need break sa limit of 5 new dffs,try play with sa limit adjuster,and mb you will somehow do it,i have one setup what allows me have them,but because i didnt did it i cant relase it...)

you can download that version:D

thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

toyota ae86 trueno

hi,so here is my next convert from forza3,this time its ae86 trueno,thx to KEISUKE for rips:D i didnt do so much new,i just convert it,but anyway,what next i did on it:
-new plates
-working headlights
btw,soon i will relase my forza3 stock converts.thats all for now,so cya;D

Friday, June 18, 2010

nikko circuit

hi,so i did another map,nikko circuit this time:D. first i wanted convert it from rfactor,but i had alot of problems with sa limits,so in end i had to remodel whole thing,and only whats still from rfactor is all buildings,blillboards etc.i also edit colision so when youre on grass car acting like on grass etc.i allso add some sa things,like lamps,trees etc. its placed on highway near to ls,it work with my hakone and with akagi,it dont work with okaru,idk what about next maps,i tryed only these xD

i decided i rellase that one too,so here you go:D.

i also did another VIDEO on it:D.

in the end i want thanks to these ppls:
MIAMIAK (autor of original map for rfactor)
for some tips what to do with limits etc:D
thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.