Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oh ! My 街道レーサー

hi,so there is my next car,another shakotan,this time an daihatsu mira tr-xx :D,so what i did on it:

-overfenders(from fairlady s30,modeled by FR STYLE)
-added vents on bonnet(from celica ra28)
-reworked tails(from originals only reverse light stayed,now it have skyline c10 lights in the bumper)
-oilcooler(except the pipes whole oilcooler is modeled by me)
-tsurikawa under the rear bumper
-edited interior(my oldschool racing seat,new swheel,dices on mirror,my pioneer audio components,tsurikawas at rear,cocacola with holder)
-new exhaust(small Vpipes modeled by me)
-new wheels(ssr mk1 by MIMI,this time without cambers)
-paintjob(now its red,unpaintable anymore,overfenders are in bronze color,Oh ! My 街道レーサー decal on front window,my new logo on rear window)
-adjusted to improved vehicle lights mod

and thats probably all about this car,so cya next time ;D.

Monday, August 13, 2012

gt-x shakotan

hi,so there is my next car,this time its a shakotan version of the new c110 gt-x :D.so what i did on it:

-added lip
-added flags on front
 -front licence plate moved on left,rear edited
-new fender indicators(laurel c130ones,modeled by me)
-replaced mirrors(now there are abit edited datsun 510 ones on doors)
-reworked grill(frame of grill is from laurel c130,inside of grill is from mazda cosmo,added JAF badge by me,added skyline badge,headlights have decent black/transparent covers,they arent much vissible on pics)
-reworked taillights(whole that console is abit remodeled,smaller pair of lights was removed,the circle indicators was replaced for star shaped ones modeled by me,the whole console is textured in glitter in 2 parts,black/white glitter itself is the main texture,"rainbow"texture used as reflection,so it actualy really react to lighting of the car :D)
-edited interior(mirror was abit moved with added dices,red carpet on dashboard modeled by me,new swheel,new gearknob,wakaba on the dashboard,skyline licence plate behind the window,added my pioneer audio components,added rollcage,added my red/black carpets on ground,oldschool racing seat with some decals modeled by me)
-grill over the rear window modeled by me
-edited exhaust
paintjob(its still in this bronze color,not paintable anymore,added decal over the front window,added kenmeri decal on rear left window,added white stripes on sides,added wakaba at rear bumper
-new wheels( techno shadow 5spoke,with cambers)
-adjusted to improved vehicle lights mod

well thats probably all this time,i still have some cars to show up,so cya next time ;D.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

nissan skyline c110 gt-x and gt-r

hi,so another car:D...well, 2 cars actualy,but since they are more or less same,i decided i post them in one post.so its actually a my version of FLASH one:D.so what i did on it:

-fixed some things,as trunk etc
-completely retextured
-new taillights,and original grill on gt-x one
-new interior(from my c110)
-reworked engine and engine bay alittle bit
-added plates
-added badges
-adapted to improved vehicle lights mod
-new wheels,stock steelies
-handling,vehicles.ide and carcol lines

well,thats probably all about these cars:D.how you could notice i changed the blog header,it actualy using my new logo that i going to use on some my cars,i actualy used it on one car already lol...well thats probably all this time,so cya;D.