Saturday, October 15, 2011

just another bosozoku xD

 ...yes,this time its my skyline r31 zenki :D,so what all i did on it:

-added lip to front bumper(that lip is originaly from my soarer,but i edited it to r31)
-reworked taillights(place between them was cleaned,tails itself was replaced for universal ones)
-edited grill(original badge removed,added skyline c110 badge by SVANDER)
-added horns(they are behind the grill)
-edited plates(from one was deleted,rear one was moved etc)
-new wheels(ssr mk3 by MIMI)
-new paintjob(by me)

and so thats all about this car:D.i have some more cars to show up,2 another bosozoku,then one reworked stock and then one...sort of drift car,so stay tuned :D.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


hi,so theres my next car...after a while agin an soarer z10,and agin a bosozoku one what all i did on it:

-cleaned rear(removed tails,i added universal ones,bumper from big part deleted,and what did rest of it was pretty much remaked,added aw11 vents on fenders)
-sharknosed(i think this one have the best sharknose i did until now)
-vents in front fenders(modeled by me)
-new painjob(by me)
-new exhaust on side
-new wheels(ssr mk1 from shift2)
-licence plate(original was deleted,its not vissible on pics,but theres one behind the rear window,more or less between rear seat and window)

and so thats probaly all about the car...

...but also i did a new video:D

well thats all this time,so cya;D.