Friday, October 29, 2010

toyota soarer z10....agin xD

hi,so after some time theres another car wich i did by scratch:D.its a toyota soarer z10...agin xD.i did new one because previous one rly rly suck,it allmost dont look like a z10 lol....well SVANDER send me a pack of blueprints of some cars like z10,c210 sedan and coupe etc and all stylized to boso,so i take z10 bp and scratch it,but i did an stock first:D.well not all on it is by me,from...90% i think,so whats not by me:
-wheels(from j2 ae86)
-plates( by mimi,but i edit it alittle)
-engine(from j2 jza80)
-dashboard(it was in my rfactor levin,but i totaly remodel it)
-swheel(remodeled swheel from j2 ae86)
-interior mirror(too from rfactor levin
-seats(from 41AEIMI leopard f31)
-pedals(from j2 ae86)
so i think thats all for now,so cya;D