Saturday, May 28, 2011

nissan cedric y31 taxi

hi,so there is my next car,its another cedric y31,this time a taxi one, from tokyo musen line what all i did on it:
-new pj(by me...also it have black bumpers and mirrors now,and part of grill is green...japanese writting on side is by JUDY,thx:D.)
-modelled hat and lights on roof
-3extra parts(1.comercial panell on roof,sign "closed" front of the passager behind the window,antenna, 2."closed"sign and antena, 3.antenna only, comercial pannel modeled by me,"closed" sign is took fron S13 chaser taxi)
-edited plates
thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.

all togheter,from left:no extra,extra1,extra2,extra3

here you can see that "closed"sign,it light when you turn lights on.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


hi,so there is my next car,this time i decided i will do one kanjo racer,an osaka jdm civic.i decided i will use for it my wonder what i did on it:
-new pj(bumpers are black,its just white,its not paintable anymore,alot of decals,rising sun flag on bonnet)
-new spoiler(modelled by me)
-edited plates(front one was deleted,rear one was gumtaped to bumper)
-new taillights(with red centre,first time i used them on my motul civic)
-edited interior(new swheel and front seats,removed rear seats,added rollcage,added gauges, a site on driver window modeled by me)
-edited engine(rising sun flag was painted on cilinder head)
-new exhaust
-new wheels(hayashi 5spoke by ENDO,nonstretched tire edited by me from N2levin)
so thats probaly all,i have ready next car to show up,but about that thats all for now,so cya;D.

Friday, May 20, 2011

nissan cedric y31 stock

hi,+- 2 weeks ago i reworked my cedric y31 police to stock version.finally i get to do a update with it lol whats different from police one:
-reworked body texture and its SA paintable now
-removed siren,police lights and badge from grill+antenne from rear
-changed number on licence plate
except these things its still same as the police version :D...i plaining do a taxi version thats all for now,so cya;D.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

RANDOM SNAP:bosozoku bike's

hi,so there is another random snap,this time its with bosozoku bikes wich i have ingame:D...for 3 of them thanks to CAPR1CE :D...anyway,i have next car to show up,i hope i will get to it asap...thats all for now,so cya;D.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

nissan cedric y31 police

hi,so there is my next car:D.if you sometimes check NELLY blog,you might notice he did that cedric too,but he didnt relase it,so i decided i will find out from where he get the model and do it by myself lol.CAPR1CE sayd me from where it is and sended me a link (thx:D) so i could start work on on pics is a second version actualy,first one i did week ago,but this weekend i decided i rework what i did on it:
-converted from one mod for battlefield 1943 to sa
-remodeled body(more about this under the ingame pics)
-new wheels(steelies)
-new plates
-sa lights
-added engine(same like is in my y30 gloria)
more about this car under the ingame pics...

so how i sayd it have remodeled body,on pics bellow you can see the differencec between v1 (original untouched model) and v2(my re-model)

i had to remodel whole doors,it didnt even had polys for them,to made them openable,also i remodel taillights,front indicators,front foglights,all windows...also i fixed some welding problems...

i remodel the lights and foglights especialy because i going to do a stock version from it,wich will be paintable,so i obviously didnt wanted to lights get colored with the rest of the body lol...well thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

catch that pepsi spirit!

hi,so theres my next car,i actualy did it before the S12,but i decided i first show s12 and then this time its rly simple tuned gloria y30, i tryed do it to be atleast alittle shakotan,but i think it what i did on it:
-new grill( toyota crown grill,modelled by me,i notice its quite popular mod on cedric/gloria y30,so i decided i do it too:D...theres one example,its a cedric,and it have kinda different tipe of grill,but i saw with one i did too)
-some changes in interior(my dices and pioneer speakers,pack of cigarettes by HANPEN)
-new wheels(renoma.1 by me)
-pepsi decal on rear window
so thats probaly all,how i sayd this time it was a simple thats probaly all,i have next car to show up,but about that cya for now ;D.

here you can see difference between crown grill and stock grill :D.