Sunday, May 1, 2011

catch that pepsi spirit!

hi,so theres my next car,i actualy did it before the S12,but i decided i first show s12 and then this time its rly simple tuned gloria y30, i tryed do it to be atleast alittle shakotan,but i think it what i did on it:
-new grill( toyota crown grill,modelled by me,i notice its quite popular mod on cedric/gloria y30,so i decided i do it too:D...theres one example,its a cedric,and it have kinda different tipe of grill,but i saw with one i did too)
-some changes in interior(my dices and pioneer speakers,pack of cigarettes by HANPEN)
-new wheels(renoma.1 by me)
-pepsi decal on rear window
so thats probaly all,how i sayd this time it was a simple thats probaly all,i have next car to show up,but about that cya for now ;D.

here you can see difference between crown grill and stock grill :D.