Monday, December 24, 2012

merry chrismas!

i wish to all of you a mery chrismas,have a good time guys:D.

like every year,i relasing some of my older mods,this year i decided i will relase my old skyline r31 pack.enjoy:D.

Monday, December 17, 2012

hiro v1-r

hi,so there is some scratch made wheel agin,a hiro v1-r.this time its a collab with FLASH :D.acually originally i requested a whole rim from him,but he was lazy and didnt finished a complete wheel,so he send me just the unfinished my work on it was:

-modelling a dish
-modelling a centre hubcap
-modelling a bolts
-added tire and a brake

i also tested it ingame on the corona,i think its pretty good :D.the wheels are abit big,but well,it was just a test.

so thats all for now,so cya next time ;D.

Monday, December 10, 2012

930 tuned doing RWB porsche's i thought i will do an a porsche too...but unline other,this is NOT a rwb its based on my 930 i converted from some nfs some time what i did on it:

-bodykit(bumpers,spoiler,partially all took from THIS porsche by CLUBTH,but i had to scratch abit to make them fit,like,front bumper is in half an stock one,also on the front bumper i did new vents around the plate,etc...also i modelled new grill on hte bonnet,the porsche from wich i was taking the parts had just an textured one lol)
-removed these black plastic things from sides
-interior(new seats,new swheel,some new gauges on dashboard,wunder baum at mirror,german licence plate behind the rear window,gulf decal od dashboard,color of interior changed from white to black+wooden stripe at the dashboard)
-new wheels(orange/chrome rs watanabe,obviously way more wide at rear)
-new color(just blue like this,not an sa color,gulf decal next to the rear licence plate)
-edited plates(1975 because how i im told,this is the year when 930 series started)
-adapted to ivlm

so thats probably all about this cya next time ;D.