Sunday, February 28, 2010

nissan 300zx z31

hi,so after some time here is some tuned car from me :D,this time its nissan z31,converted from free 3d model by what i did on it:new rear lights(before it had kouki's one,i made zenki's one),now its hardtop(i mean,before it had these windows in roof,they are gone now),engine(rb26 by TOM2),new wheels(monza et20 by KAMILIO),bodykit(new underbumpers,spoiler),interior(new steering wheel-momo by KAMILIO,seats,speedometers,radio,dices on mirror),decals on window,new licence plates (agin mixed from MIMI yokohama plate and BUSTERS numbers).so i think thats all this time,so cya ;D.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

nissan skyline c110

hi,i saying something in shoutbox about that,so now its done,its skyline c110.80% scratch made by me, 80% because i use some things from other cars what i use from other cars:from skyline c10 from shift:underbody,mirrors,engine+ enginebay,these orange lights on front fenders,that thing on rear fenders,door panels,probaly half of dashboard,interior mirrors and suncovers or how its called,plates(bet they isnt from original c10, i add them on c10 first,i forgot from what they are).and next i use from datsun 280z:front seats,texture of rear seats,and from nissan 240z i use wheels,all badges on car did TOM2,so thx for it ;D.if i not forgot for something,so all other i did from scratch :).so thats all for now,so cya ;D.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

nissan bluebird 910 bosozoku

so hi,here is my another bosozoku car,this time i remake my nissan bluebird 910,but this time,its kinda bigger remake than on my what i did on it:new paintjobpaintjob(designed and created by me),made a cabrio from it,sharknose,bodykit(big fenders,front lip,bumpers are used from skyline c10,spoiler),wheels(ssr mk.I by MIMI ),long exhaust,japan train holder on rear bumper,oilcooler,remaked front lights,moved mirrors on fenders...idk what next to say,so just check pics;D.thats all for now,so cya ;D.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

drift track

hi,so i start doing something for slrr too;Dactualy its my second track,first is converted robada pass,but i probaly not gonna relase this is my track for drift,created allmost whole from scratch by me,(+- 80%,because garage and trees are from gta sa,and these red/white stripes on road are taked,but pretty much remaked from nfs u2).i allso add drift pts system,created by roltz(from GOM_TEAM),but i edit it alittle.

i decided i put it for download,so here it is;D.