Monday, March 28, 2011

nissan silvia s13

hi,so theres a car wich i did in saturnday,a stock one this time.this time its a silvia s13,you might ask why i didnt use forza model...well im already sick of that forza models mania,so i decided i do my own based on some other,like base i used THIS one wich was send to me by KASSIK,but it had some problems,so i did fix them what all i did on it:
-mirrored(whole car was mirrored,so i mirror it back)
-new textures(some of them are from forza one,even tough i dont much like to use forza models,i dont having problems with using its textures lol)
-fixed some bugs(few normals etc...)
-edited front bumper(that black strip between indicators+ place for licence plate did mist,so i did it)
-added engine(ca18de)
-interior(remaked from lhd to rhd, remodelled alittle since carpet didnt rly fit well there,new seats,added pedals,handbrake,gearknob,mirror and stock steering wheel,new texture of gauges and doorboards...)
-new wheels(stock zenki s13 modeled by me,they are 3d+ photo texture,but i couldnt find a useable photo with that small center hubcap,so i did ones without that hubcap,but i like them without them too....i decided i do zenki ones,since i like them more than kouki ones+ i guess every stock s13/180sx for gta have kouki ones lol...)
-added plates
mb i forget something thats probaly all for now,so cya;D.
*note*: on pics it might look like exhaust is paintable with body too,since it looks like its totaly same color like body have,but actualy exhaust isnt paintable,its allways in that color lol...

Saturday, March 26, 2011 it!

hi,so theres a car from last weekend about wich i talked in last update,its once agin bosozoku,this time nissan skyline what i did on it:
-remaked grill(grill itself is from my yonmeri gtx, headlights are cedric 330 alike,wich i done for my shakotan kenmeri)
-remaked taillights(now there are ones from kouki z31,i used model from my old tuned z31,i also modeled a place between taillights for licence plate too,since i didnt wanted to have rear that empty...i inspired for that on one existing c210)
-edited rear fenders to made wheel fit
-added spoiler(originaly from my bosozoku cresta)
-added lip(from my bosozoku cresta too)
-added diffuzor(from my bosozoku cresta too)
-bumpers painted to black
-new pj(by me,this pj is inspired by 2 cars models i actualy rly have,side by this model,and roof is inspired from some bmw model made in poland lol,i dont have pic of it...,some decals)
-decals on rear window(coke. is it! and my logo,coke one is inpsired by one bosozoku car wich i saw in one video from 1986,it had exactly this decal too)
-new exhaust(my favorite comet one,i originaly did it for my bosozoku z31)
-new plates(front one was totaly deleted,rear one's mark wich is on left bolt was replaced by cocacola bottle cap,this is actualy an illegal edit,but i saw it in real few times too lol)
-edited interior(dices on mirror,pioneer repros,tsurikawa at rear,helmet from my boso ped mod on rear seat)
-removed windows from doors(take it like windows are opened lol)
-1 extra(if you saw some bosozoku videos,then you for sure notice alot of times guys sitting on windows,its called i decided i do something like that too,i took my boso ped,and made him he sit in window on passager side :D)
-new mirrors(from my soarer z10)
-new wheels(ssr mk.III by MIMI)
so i think thats all about this car,i think this is one from my best bosozoku cars i did so far:D.thats all for now,so cya;D.

Friday, March 25, 2011

bosozoku ped

hi,so theres one mod wich i did actualy a week ago,but i somehow didnt get to show it anyway,this is actualy my first ped mod,a bosozoku ped mod (suprisingly xD).its actualy reworked one original sa ped,one with id what changes i did on him:
-helmet(modeled by me)
-mask(modeled by me too)
-new shoes(big shoes like some boso's have,they are actualy reworked from some cowboy sa ped lol,i dont remember his id...)
-new clothes(something like THIS,they usaly have on back name of theyr group,but since i dont have any lol,i putted here 街道レーサー☆)
thats probaly all,id like to thx to YOHSUKE for he converted it to game for thats all for now,tomorow i will post here one bosozoku car wich i did last weekend...until then cya;D.
(btw: in some my updates you might notice this bike on pics bellow,i did it like year ago lol,but i somehow never showed it...i will mb do a update of it too,but idk when lol)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

honda prelude 1982 bosozoku

hi,so there is my next car,this time i wanted do something more unusual,so i did this.its a S13's honda prelude from 1982 like a bosozoku car.actualy in 80s and early 90s prelude was pretty popular bosozoku car,but now days they are somehow gone,and you see them in boso i decided i do one,in late80s style main inspiration was THIS prelude,its a screen from THIS video from 1986,you you look on it in video,you will see that prelude had a long pipes and on then am UK flag,so you should check it,it pretty what did i changed:
-remaked to rhd
-spoiler is in color of body now
-added lip(originaly its from my soarer z10,but i remaked it and put it on prelude,i also did bolts there)
-chromed wheel arch trims(saw this on some older cars,but actualy this being used nowdays too sometimes)
-painjob(inspired by that prelude from video,white part isnt paintable anymore,stripes on sides are actualy kinda reworked CABIN logo)
-new exhaust(2 long pipes,just like on that prelude from vid)
-japan flag on exhaust(flag was actualy converted from one liberty city building lol,its like extra so it dont appear everytime,i inspired for flag like that in vid's prelude too,but i used japan flag instead of UK one lol)
-new plates(lighting,inspired on that vid's prelude too)
-new wheels(my new enkei curly)
actualy not much was done this time,but i somehow like that car:D.thats all for now,so cya;D.

one late 80s-alike pic xD.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

enkei curly

hi,so i did a scratch made wheel agin:D this time its an 80s enkei curley,i did them especialy because they are sometimes on bosozoku lawl,one good example is shakotan boogie soarer z10(the one on pic is a replica actualy,but except missing sideexhaust its allmost same):D.i already have a car that have them,but about that until then cya;D.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hi,so theres my new car,this time its shakotan version of skyline r30 by ENDO wich i convert to sa some what all i did on it:
-new body texture(from rs-turbo one,its not paintable anymore)
-added horns(they are hidden behind the grill,but from some angles you can see them)
-pipes from grill to bumper(modeled by me,i get inspired for that on shakotan boogie soarer z10)
-added flags on front bumper(flags are taken and edited from CLUBTH's silvia s15,alot of bosozoku/shakotan cars have flags like that,there is one example)
-added spoiler(originaly from my trd ae86)
-new mirrors(from my skyline c110)
-interior(added dices on mirror,pioneer repros and tsurikawa's at back)
-edited plates(front one is on dashboard now,rear one is bended)
-new centre of taillights(i mean that place between taillights where the plate is,on original r30 there wasnt nothing,so i added here parts of it from skyline r31 by 41AEIMI,but i remodel them alittle,also under them and under plate is same color like the taillights and these r31 parts have)
-new exhaust(my old zig-zag,but edited)
-new wheels(techno-shadow 5spoke,i find them on some mazda on gtainside,but i edit them,how i know these are pretty rare in real)
-decals(my logo on spoiler,cabin old logo on fuel cap.cabin are japanese cigarettes)
and thats probaly all for now,so cya;D.