Saturday, March 19, 2011

honda prelude 1982 bosozoku

hi,so there is my next car,this time i wanted do something more unusual,so i did this.its a S13's honda prelude from 1982 like a bosozoku car.actualy in 80s and early 90s prelude was pretty popular bosozoku car,but now days they are somehow gone,and you see them in boso i decided i do one,in late80s style main inspiration was THIS prelude,its a screen from THIS video from 1986,you you look on it in video,you will see that prelude had a long pipes and on then am UK flag,so you should check it,it pretty what did i changed:
-remaked to rhd
-spoiler is in color of body now
-added lip(originaly its from my soarer z10,but i remaked it and put it on prelude,i also did bolts there)
-chromed wheel arch trims(saw this on some older cars,but actualy this being used nowdays too sometimes)
-painjob(inspired by that prelude from video,white part isnt paintable anymore,stripes on sides are actualy kinda reworked CABIN logo)
-new exhaust(2 long pipes,just like on that prelude from vid)
-japan flag on exhaust(flag was actualy converted from one liberty city building lol,its like extra so it dont appear everytime,i inspired for flag like that in vid's prelude too,but i used japan flag instead of UK one lol)
-new plates(lighting,inspired on that vid's prelude too)
-new wheels(my new enkei curly)
actualy not much was done this time,but i somehow like that car:D.thats all for now,so cya;D.

one late 80s-alike pic xD.