Wednesday, March 9, 2011

nissan silvia s13

hi,how you can see,thats not an gta car,but a wr2 car,since i play wr2 too,i decided i learn doing mods to it too :D.this one is actualy a convert from FVR...idk if i can call it a convert,since it have probaly same engine as wr2,but i had to do a new lights,colision etc in MTkit2.i actualy didnt touch the model anyhow,since idk yet how lol,but when i learn in i will do some better s13 than this:D...actualy thats probaly only s13 for wr2 now lol...anyway,what all i did on it:
-convert from fvr
-done colision
-placed lights etc
-body texture(since it was missing in fvr version)
-new licence plate texture(id rather use a japan one,but it have an euro format,and since i cant edit model itself yet,i put atleast german temporary one lol)
-new wheels(taked from one ae86)
-new setups(ingame its actualy 2 times,one with setup for drift,one for grip)
thats probaly all about this car,i already have ready one next sa car,but about that later,in saturday until then cya;D.(oh and btw,i did also one next VIDEO from wr2 :D)