Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hi,so theres my new car,this time its shakotan version of skyline r30 by ENDO wich i convert to sa some what all i did on it:
-new body texture(from rs-turbo one,its not paintable anymore)
-added horns(they are hidden behind the grill,but from some angles you can see them)
-pipes from grill to bumper(modeled by me,i get inspired for that on shakotan boogie soarer z10)
-added flags on front bumper(flags are taken and edited from CLUBTH's silvia s15,alot of bosozoku/shakotan cars have flags like that,there is one example)
-added spoiler(originaly from my trd ae86)
-new mirrors(from my skyline c110)
-interior(added dices on mirror,pioneer repros and tsurikawa's at back)
-edited plates(front one is on dashboard now,rear one is bended)
-new centre of taillights(i mean that place between taillights where the plate is,on original r30 there wasnt nothing,so i added here parts of it from skyline r31 by 41AEIMI,but i remodel them alittle,also under them and under plate is same color like the taillights and these r31 parts have)
-new exhaust(my old zig-zag,but edited)
-new wheels(techno-shadow 5spoke,i find them on some mazda on gtainside,but i edit them,how i know these are pretty rare in real)
-decals(my logo on spoiler,cabin old logo on fuel cap.cabin are japanese cigarettes)
and thats probaly all for now,so cya;D.