Friday, March 25, 2011

bosozoku ped

hi,so theres one mod wich i did actualy a week ago,but i somehow didnt get to show it anyway,this is actualy my first ped mod,a bosozoku ped mod (suprisingly xD).its actualy reworked one original sa ped,one with id what changes i did on him:
-helmet(modeled by me)
-mask(modeled by me too)
-new shoes(big shoes like some boso's have,they are actualy reworked from some cowboy sa ped lol,i dont remember his id...)
-new clothes(something like THIS,they usaly have on back name of theyr group,but since i dont have any lol,i putted here 街道レーサー☆)
thats probaly all,id like to thx to YOHSUKE for he converted it to game for thats all for now,tomorow i will post here one bosozoku car wich i did last weekend...until then cya;D.
(btw: in some my updates you might notice this bike on pics bellow,i did it like year ago lol,but i somehow never showed it...i will mb do a update of it too,but idk when lol)