Saturday, March 26, 2011 it!

hi,so theres a car from last weekend about wich i talked in last update,its once agin bosozoku,this time nissan skyline what i did on it:
-remaked grill(grill itself is from my yonmeri gtx, headlights are cedric 330 alike,wich i done for my shakotan kenmeri)
-remaked taillights(now there are ones from kouki z31,i used model from my old tuned z31,i also modeled a place between taillights for licence plate too,since i didnt wanted to have rear that empty...i inspired for that on one existing c210)
-edited rear fenders to made wheel fit
-added spoiler(originaly from my bosozoku cresta)
-added lip(from my bosozoku cresta too)
-added diffuzor(from my bosozoku cresta too)
-bumpers painted to black
-new pj(by me,this pj is inspired by 2 cars models i actualy rly have,side by this model,and roof is inspired from some bmw model made in poland lol,i dont have pic of it...,some decals)
-decals on rear window(coke. is it! and my logo,coke one is inpsired by one bosozoku car wich i saw in one video from 1986,it had exactly this decal too)
-new exhaust(my favorite comet one,i originaly did it for my bosozoku z31)
-new plates(front one was totaly deleted,rear one's mark wich is on left bolt was replaced by cocacola bottle cap,this is actualy an illegal edit,but i saw it in real few times too lol)
-edited interior(dices on mirror,pioneer repros,tsurikawa at rear,helmet from my boso ped mod on rear seat)
-removed windows from doors(take it like windows are opened lol)
-1 extra(if you saw some bosozoku videos,then you for sure notice alot of times guys sitting on windows,its called i decided i do something like that too,i took my boso ped,and made him he sit in window on passager side :D)
-new mirrors(from my soarer z10)
-new wheels(ssr mk.III by MIMI)
so i think thats all about this car,i think this is one from my best bosozoku cars i did so far:D.thats all for now,so cya;D.