Friday, January 7, 2011

toyota cresta gx71 bosozoku

hi,so first of all,happy new year:D.i know its kinda late for write that,but im sick whole week,so i dont sit front of pc too much like i usally do,so thats why i didnt get to do any now something about this gx71,i did it like 3 weeks ago lol,simply a day after i did an stock one what all i did on it:
bodykit(front lip,rear overfenders,spoiler are edited from n2 trd levin wich i did some time ago,i also modeled a bolts,but since overfenders and lip is black and bolts too,they arent much possible to see lol,but on spoiler they are visible pretty good,next there is my old diffuzor,but edited this time,it have bolts too,but its same like with lip and overfenders lol,next these vents at rear fenders,actualy i modeled these because i saw that on few boso cars already,actualy they are from aw11,but i made them kinda more universal lawl...)
-sharknosed(with that i also remove grill and indicators,retextured the place wich was under it and kinda remodel,next i edit headlights,they are kinda rotated,also one dont lights since its just white with NGK decals,also theres possible to see a horns)
-removed front plate
-removed hole for rear plate(and edited plate is now on rear bumper)
-new mirrors(from my soarer z10)
-new exhaust
-knighrider-like light in front bumper(by me,too bad idk about any way how to made it moving :(...)
-tsurikawa on rear bumper
-edited interior(well not rly,but i add my old dices on mirror,tsurikawa's to the back,also i modeled pioneer ts-x15 II,because i like theyr lighting logo:D...also i add coca cola flag lawl)
-painthob(actualy that color scheme was color of one from mazda rx3 race cars,i already saw someone used it on c210,so i say why not cresta too lawl,and i think it look pretty good on it:D,also some decals on rear window)
-new wheels(ssr mk.2 by MIMI,but i painted they are all chrome,not with red centre like before)
idk what next to say about that car,so thats all for now,i already have ready next car to show up,after some time a drift car agin:Didk when i get to it,so until then cya;D.