Thursday, December 30, 2010

toyota cresta gx71

hi,so i finnaly get to show my next car here:D.this time its cresta gx71,i take 41AEIMI one and fix some bugs what i did on it:
-fixed body(some normals problem,that triangle at C pillar etc)
-new textures(body,chrome etc)
-edited grill(centre part is black,headlights are retextured
-edited taillights(that place for licence plate and some next details)
-removed fog lights(i didnt liked them lol)
-remaked interior(new carpet texture,dashboard remaked from celica xx,new seats,new interior mirror,added B pillar,retextured doorboards,remaked that plate between rear seats and rear window)
-new wheels(stock ones,modeled by me)
-new plates
-new reflections
-new under body(under the engine was hole big hole so i did new polys here)
i mb forgot for something,but whatever...i already have here an bosozoku version of it,when i get to it i post it here:D.thats all for now,so cya;D