Thursday, December 23, 2010

nissan 300zx z31

hi,so theres my next car,this time i taked REIMU's z31,and remake it,it was kinda tuned,but i did stock from it:D.some of the textures are taked by me,because i once meet one z31 in my what all i did on it:
-retextured taillights(by texture wich i taked on that z31)
-removed orange lights from fenders
-working pop up headlights
-new indicator on front fenders(with my texture)
-retextured indicators in front bumper(with my texture too)
-retextured door handles(my texture)
-added these wents on rear fenders(my texture too xD)
-added badges (not taked by me now,i found them on google)
-interior(remaked to rhd,new seats,added mirror,new s.wheel,new gauges textures,new pedals)
-new plates
-new wheels(original z31 ones with phototexture with i found on google :D)
thats probaly all this time,so cya;D.