Saturday, December 18, 2010

ebisu touge

hi,so how i sayd in last update,i was working on this map:D,its a ebisu touge from nfs shift,but i converted it from rfactor,KEISUKE sended me rfactor files,idk who did convert it to rfactor...

what i edit on this model:
-made an entry
-new grass texture
except these details its still a model from shift,i didnt even delete a trees...

few warnings:
-colision isnt rly not much,i had to put here a grass part from S13s ebisu touge,because with original game didnt load lol,i also had to edit a parking,but circuit itself,the road is fine,i rly cant do anything better with it,on some places its rly kinda weird,but be glad it alteast working lawl
-mapeditor,better dont open it here,i dont say you cant,but because model is very high poly,it look kinda crazy in mapeditor lol
-on slower pc's it might lag,how i sayd its rly rly high poly,so thats why...i think no trees version will be needed too

you can find it near to ls beach,im sure you will find it;)

i have here sa:lc version too(in that one i did taked these pics),i dont relasing it,not because i dont want,but because im probaly only who using it lol,if someone will want it,i will relase it too
(some more info+download is under these pics)

these pic mb dont say too much,so i did one VIDEO where i do 2 laps on it:D

i want thanks to these ppls:

KEISUKE-testing+he sended me rfactor files,i have here from him ebisu south too,i might convert it too:D
S13-part of colision is from his ebisu touge
mb i forget for someone lol...

ok so here you go:

if you want,you can edit it,like textures,do no trees version etc,if you want post it on your blog,just give me credit,thats all i want....ok so thats all this time,tomorow i will finally post that tuned galant,so until then cya;D.