Tuesday, December 14, 2010

mitsubishi galant sigma 1977

hi,so how i sayd yesterday,after loooong time is there an another mitsubishi from me:D.this time its an galant sigma 1977,its based on that galant sigma 1980 wich is on gtainside,i taked it and fixed bugs,but then i decided i do from it an 77 model,so i did lol...
-fixed bugs(especialy normals bugs,then some texture bugs etc)
-remaked from 1980 to 1877 model(wich mean new grill modeled by me,new taillights by me too,remaked place for licenceplate,edited bumpers,added these vents or wtf is it (lol) to front fenders,edited sideskirts)
-remaked from lhd to rhd
-new plates
-new wheels(steelies by SVANDER)
thats probaly all xD...think of it i forgot take pic of engine,but i didnt anyhow remodel engine,just fixed normals etc,so if you want see its engine just download original on gtainside lol...or mb,i already have ready tuned version of it,wich i will show tomorow,so i will take its pic tomorow:D.thats all for now,so cya;D

lol japan billboards by me,actualy after that 7-11 and these billboards i more and more thinking about some japan-like retexture mod for sa:lc....