Monday, December 13, 2010


hi,so how i sayd yesterday,theres next car,and how i sayd,its an skyline c110:D.i remaked my 2door gtr one to 4door gtx:Dso theres list of all i did on it:
-from 2door to 4door(wich mean i made body kinda longer,model rear doors etc,also i kinda fixed roof wich was on gtr not so good)
-from gtr to gtx(well there wasnt 4door gtr lol,but difference is in grill,i used early gtx grill wich i taked and remaked from 41AEIMIs c110,next gtx dont have these plastic overfenders+ rear one is kinda smaller,how you can see on pics,next i did next 2000gtx badges from scratch,they are full 3d,also are new these gt badges on rear fenders,gtr and gtx arent supposed to have gl badges lol...)
-new wheels(stock steelies by SVANDER)
-new doorboards in interior(these 3d ones from shift c10 dont rly fit to c110 4door,so i modeled new ones,with texture from c210)
-new plates(well,just theyr texture,model is still same lol)
-edited fuel cap at C pillar(i used realistic c110 texture from 41AEIMIs c110 agin,the one wich was here before was from c10,actualy its still same model,but edited)
idk what next to say,just check the pics xD,that seven eleven mod in background is actualy by me too like to do an gtx 2door too,also i want to do next,and i hope this time already last fix for gtr one,also id like to do an gl version,wich is different in some more things than gtr and gtx,it have shorter front because it have 4pison engine,and not 6piston like gtr and gtx,it also have different grill,and 4door have different taillights too...but whatever,just google it xD.thats all for now,for tomorow i have ready to show up here next car,after a looong time next mitsubishi until then cya;D