Tuesday, December 21, 2010

shakotan galant

hi,so theres finally an tuned version of galant,this time in shakotan style,so its something like my purple kenmeri:D so what did i change:
-bodykit(lip,overfenders,actualy these overfenders are remodeled SVANDER ones by me,they are kinda more low poly now)
-tsurikawa's(2 in interior,one under rear bumper,actualy i decided i do a new tsurikawa's because one i was using until now had lighting bug and some next things,so i did new,i did them similar like previous one's because they was good,except these things....)
-new exhaust(just 2 longer pipes modeled by me)
-edited plates
-removed badge from trunk
-new wheels(ssr mk1 by MIMI)
thats all this time,its just simply tuned:D.i already have here next car to show up,id like to do it tomorow,but idk if i will get to it...thats all this time,so cya;D.