Sunday, December 12, 2010


hi,so theres my next car,after some time an another kenmeri:D.this time i did an another shakotan one,so not so much modifications this time:
-bodykit(lip,edited spoiler,overfenders by svander)
-new grill(actualy grill was removed,nows there are headlights from my first bosozoku car wich was skyline c10)
-new tails(one pair was removed,second one is from cherry x-1r by CLUBTH,i also rotate them)
-new plates
-edited exhaust
-new wheels(hayashi street by MIMI,but with texture by ENDO)
-new color(its still purple like that,its not possible to use an sa colors on it)
thats probaly all for now,for tomorow i have here ready another car,its agin an c110,but thats all i wil lsay about until then cya ;D