Sunday, December 5, 2010

sexy soarer no.1

hi,so after some time theres next my car,agin an bosozoku soarer z10 what i did on it:
-new taillights(from celica ra28,i remodel these lights from lights of one free 3d ra28)
-removed badges
-bodykit(lip,overfenders,diffuzor,2 spoilers)
-new plates
-interior(original carpet was replaced for red carpet,removed rear seats,exhaust holder with dices,edited mirror with tree,oldschool repros)
-new exhaust(inside-out,modeled by me,thats why i had to remove rear seats:D)
-new wheels(ssr formula mesh)
-new pj(simple this time,just red/white with some decals)
thats probaly all this time,so cya;D

update: i allmost forgot,i did upload first video on my new channel,you can check it here ;D)