Monday, August 29, 2011


hi,since i thought my old garage quite suck,i decided do new one....too lazy to writting all about it lol,but its remodeled one original building from liberty city,also some things inside are fom my meihan,next lots of stuff from some cars...its in one dff,included the car and shit thats all for now,so cya next time ;D.

Monday, August 22, 2011

type-gt no.2

hi,incase you dont know what i mean by that title,it reffers to my 180sx ;)....when i did a v2 of my onevia,i wanted re-do this car because i still somehow like it....but it turned to something totaly different xD...something that i like even what all i did:

-bodykit(uras-type gt,front bumper and sideskirts was took from my 180sx,rear bumper is from that 180sx too,but i remodel it from 180sx version to silvia version,added uras spoiler modelled by me)
-new headlights+bonnet(popup lights was removed,bonnet was remodeled a bit,it also got one vent for fresh air to filter,headlights modelled and bonnet remodeled by me...suprisingly)
-new taillights(led ones by me)
-new engine(sr20det)
-interior(rear seats was removed,front ones and swheel replaced and few next things)
-new hooks in bumpers
-edited plates
-new wheels(Wedssport MA86)

well thats probaly all,i might forget something,but whatever...just see the pics thats all for now,so cya;D.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


...this onevia?....,3 years later,there is an fixed and edited,V.2 what all was changed:

-fixed body(lots of welding and scratching new polys was done)
-lots of things was retextured(taillights,body,added reflection and shit)
-changed rear bumper(original haz,how you can see a edited 180sx one,on new one i put s13 one)
-added popup lights
-interior(reworked to rhd,fixed some bugs)
-new plates
-new wheels(s13 zenki one's by me)
-added silvia badge at back (badge is in 3d,took from ERH4BE's onevia)

and thats probaly all about it...i already did a tuned version of it,but about that until then cya;D.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

nissan skyline c210...shakotan?

...i cant decide to wich category to put this one,if to shakotan,or bosozoku,so i leave that up to the way hi,so yea there is my new car,a skyline c210 after a what i did on it:

-front swap(headlights and grill swapped from gloria y30)
-taillights( they was cleaned,only 2 stayed here,they are from cherry x-1r,it have metallic paint)
-added aerodinamics(my diffusor and lip,spoiler)
-added oilcooler
-edited mirrors
-painjob(blue with light blue strippes,some decals)
-edited rear plate
-added my pioneer speakers to interior
-new wheels(ssr star shark by TOM2)

and thats probaly all about this car,i have 2 more to show,but about that later.cya;D.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

nissan skyline r31 zenki

hi,so there is my next car:D.this time its skyline r31 zenki,i edited one wich was done by TSURUYA_FOXY .it was tuned so i did stock from it and i fixed alot of what all i did:

-fixed body(i had to cut it in half and mirror it,i also fixed lots of normals problems etc...)
-retextured(more or less everything here was retextured by me)
-new interior
-new plates
-new exhaust
-stock wheels(modeled by me)
-spoiler is as extra now

thats probaly all...other can be seen on pics thats probaly all for now,so cya;D.