Tuesday, August 16, 2011

nissan skyline c210...shakotan?

...i cant decide to wich category to put this one,if to shakotan,or bosozoku,so i leave that up to you....by the way hi,so yea there is my new car,a skyline c210 after a while...so what i did on it:

-front swap(headlights and grill swapped from gloria y30)
-taillights( they was cleaned,only 2 stayed here,they are from cherry x-1r,it have metallic paint)
-added aerodinamics(my diffusor and lip,spoiler)
-added oilcooler
-edited mirrors
-painjob(blue with light blue strippes,some decals)
-edited rear plate
-added my pioneer speakers to interior
-new wheels(ssr star shark by TOM2)

and thats probaly all about this car,i have 2 more to show,but about that later.cya;D.