Wednesday, August 3, 2011

nikko circuit v2

hi,so finally,there is next version of my nikko circuit what all was changed from the first version:
-remodeled road( real nikko have kinda changed layout too,you can see it here,so i did it too,also i reworked safety zones etc)
-reworked electric tower(its now full 3d,not alpha textured one,allso i added one more and made wires between them...)
-changed textures
all other can be seen on pics...

still same as the V1,

it includes samp 0.3c version by FR,i didnt tested it,since i dont have samp now,but how i know it work

i have here sa:lc version too(in that one i did taked these pics),i dont relasing it,not because i dont want,but because im probaly only who using it lol,if someone will want it,i will relase it too
(some more info+download is under these pics)

not too many pics this time,if you want to see more look at THIS VIDEO.

thanks to:
MIAMIAK-autor of original map for rfactor
TOM2 -he did that 3d tower
FR -testing,+ he did that samp version)

so here you go:

if you want,you can edit it,like textures,do no trees version etc,if you want post it on your blog,just give me credit,thats all i want....ok so thats all this time,so cya;D.