Sunday, April 10, 2011

nissan gloria y30

hi,after i fixed 41AEIMI's cresta and markII,i decided i do same with gloria what all i did on it:
-fixed body(some normals problems,modeled underbody,calculated and welded etc lol...)
-new textures(more or less all textures was changed,also now the grill is chromed,taillights are newly uv mapped etc)
-remaked bumpers(it was actualy in impul 630r version,so i decided i do from it more stock,so i remaked front bumper,its suposed to be this bumper,rear one have new room for licence plate)
-new door handles(originaly from my corona t14)
-remaked interior(whole carpet part was remodeled,seats was edited too,it got new dashboard and doorboards wich i taked from one nissan cedric wich i have here,added mirror,pedals and new gearknob)
-added engine(modeled by me,i used texture and that one 3d part from that cedric too)
-new plates
-new wheels(steelies from my corsa)
-added reflections
-new exhaust
mb i forget for something lol,for sure i will do a boso version thats all for now,so cya;D.