Friday, April 1, 2011

kawasaki f400zx bosozoku

hi,i i did new bosozoku bike:D,the previous one wasnt much good,so i made it like replacement of it...actualy first i fixed the stock one,but that just fix,so i did rly did any post with it...anyway,what i did on bosozoku one:
-new front fairing(originaly from one mad max bike by GOSUKE FACTORY,but i edit it,now it have 2 headlights,but one is covered by white with marchal decal,and lighting one is yellow,also from inner part theres my mirror dices)
-new seat(its from my previous one,but the backrest isnt that long and its brown now...on back is 3 decals,my one,nameneko one and marchal one,also theres one helmet)
-added horns
-on front fender added a rising sun flag and repro)
-removed licence plate(i saw bosozoku bikers doing it kinda often,so i did it too)
-tsurikawa(i saw in one video bike with tsurikawa too,at more or less same place like i put it,so i put it here too)
-new exhaust(zig zag one)
-new paintjob(grey with alot of rising sun flags all over,inspired here)
so thats probaly all for now,so cya;D.