Sunday, April 3, 2011


hi,so theres tuned version of my s13:D.i thinking about do a itasha for long time,but i finnaly get to it:D.even though,its still a drift car anyway what all i did on it:
-modeled space under rear bumper(originaly by SVANDER,but i made it fit on this car by scratch new polys here lol)
-bodykit(uras front bumper,sideskirts and rear bumper modeled by SVANDER,rear bumper is actualy an extra,thats why i did that space under it,also it got bn sports spoiler and r32 gtr-alike grill by SVANDER aswell xD,i made it fit there by made new polys here too)
-new headlights(brick ones,by SVANDER too lol)
-new taillights(just edited texture,indicators are white now too)
-new exhaust
-interior(new seats and steering wheel)
-paintjob(how i sayd i did an itasha,i decided to go with one character from anime called rozen maiden,to be correct,with suigintou...base color is dark violet)
-new wheels(SSR proffesor SP1 from nfs shift2,thx to KEISUKE he sended me shift2 wheels:D)
-edited plates(number 5-13,5 stands for S,since rear bumper is extra i did an plate holder on rear)
thats probaly all for now,in next update i want relase a bright sinakagi,but idk when i will get to it,but i hope it will be thats all for now,so cya;D.