Monday, March 28, 2011

nissan silvia s13

hi,so theres a car wich i did in saturnday,a stock one this time.this time its a silvia s13,you might ask why i didnt use forza model...well im already sick of that forza models mania,so i decided i do my own based on some other,like base i used THIS one wich was send to me by KASSIK,but it had some problems,so i did fix them what all i did on it:
-mirrored(whole car was mirrored,so i mirror it back)
-new textures(some of them are from forza one,even tough i dont much like to use forza models,i dont having problems with using its textures lol)
-fixed some bugs(few normals etc...)
-edited front bumper(that black strip between indicators+ place for licence plate did mist,so i did it)
-added engine(ca18de)
-interior(remaked from lhd to rhd, remodelled alittle since carpet didnt rly fit well there,new seats,added pedals,handbrake,gearknob,mirror and stock steering wheel,new texture of gauges and doorboards...)
-new wheels(stock zenki s13 modeled by me,they are 3d+ photo texture,but i couldnt find a useable photo with that small center hubcap,so i did ones without that hubcap,but i like them without them too....i decided i do zenki ones,since i like them more than kouki ones+ i guess every stock s13/180sx for gta have kouki ones lol...)
-added plates
mb i forget something thats probaly all for now,so cya;D.
*note*: on pics it might look like exhaust is paintable with body too,since it looks like its totaly same color like body have,but actualy exhaust isnt paintable,its allways in that color lol...