Friday, February 4, 2011

toyota corsa el31

hi,so how i sayd,theres my next scratch made car,this time its a toyota corsa took me +- 16 hours to create it(by that i mean model it,get it ingame etc),since i didnt find a blueprint,i had to use a side photo usally not everything on it is modeled by me,so what i took from other cars:
-wheels(from one from S13 cars,idk from wich one exactly now,but i remodel it alittle)
-plates(by MIMI,but i edit them)
-seats(from 41AEIMI leopard f31)
-pedals(originaly from j2 ae86,but i took them from my Z10)
-interior mirror(from my rfactor levin)
-swheel(from ae86 ENDO)
-dashboard(actualy its modeled by me too,but originaly for my KP61,i took it and remodel it to el31 dash)
thats probaly all,so i think its modeled by me for...95%lawl...thats all about this car.tomorow i will post there my new wheel too:D.thats all for now,so cya;D.