Saturday, February 26, 2011


hi,so there is drift tuned version of my corona t14:D.i was pretty much inspired on this what all i did on it:
-rear overfenders(modeled by me)
-spoiler on trunk
-corona badge from corona rt30 by CLUBTH on trunk
-cocacola sticker on trunk
-twin cam turbo decals on doors
-my decal on rear window
-interior(driver seat and steering wheel from my trd levin,added dices on mirror,added pioneer speakers,added cigaretes+lighter by HANPEN on the dashboard
-new exhaust
-new plates(46-49,means yoroshiku,and it mean something like nice to meet you in japanese,find more about that on google,im lazy to explaining it xD)
-new wheels(ssr mk.3 by MIMI)
thats probaly all about this car,i have in progress next map mod,but about that later...until then cya;D.