Sunday, February 6, 2011

highway dancer

hi,so after some time,i did an next bosozoku:D.this time its an soarer z10 agin,but this time i decided i will do a "big kit" what all i did on it:
-bodykit(fenders,more or less whole rear,big lip modeled by me,spoiler is modeled by me too,but for a older car,aw11 vents on rear fenders)
-c10 taillights
-exhaust(zig-zag from bonnet)
-edited plates
-edited mirrors(moved on doors,painted to black)
-interior(yellow carpet,dices on mirror,pioneer ts-x15 II repro's)
-paintjob(inspired on this vw golf,2 decals on windows)
-wheels(ssr focus racing from previous post)
thats probaly all for now,i dont have anything next ready to show up,first i must do something next xD.thats all for now,so cya;D.