Sunday, February 27, 2011

ebisu drift school

hi,so how i sayd in last update,i was working on next map,agin ebisu,but this time its a drift school course:D.its converted from rfactor,and it was an big map,there was allso drift land and minami course,but for now i converted just this one...

what i edit on this model:
-new textures(from my ebisu touge)
-remodeled pit
-added one that "green island" around wich you go,it was supposed to be here,but autor didnt model it here...

-on slower pc's it might lag,its pretty high poly,i think no trees version will be needed too...but i not going to do it lol

you can find it in los santos near to the beach,entry is around same place like robada pass was...

i have here sa:lc version too(in that one i did taked these pics),i dont relasing it,not because i dont want,but because im probaly only who using it lol,if someone will want it,i will relase it too
(some more info+download is under these pics)

i also made one preview VIDEO...includes drift xD

i want to thanks to these ppls:
SVK MATTY-testing
actualy i didnt tested it in stock san andreas,since my stock sa is screwed agin lol aand i didnt want to reinstalling it for such an i send it to them to test it xD.according to what matty sayd,it work in single,allso in samp,also with KOHD ebisu west,idk if it work with some next maps,you gotta test it by yourself xD.

so here you go:

if you want,you can edit it,like textures,do no trees version etc,if you want post it on your blog,just give me credit,thats all i want....ok so thats all this time,so cya;D.