Sunday, February 20, 2011

toyota corona t14

hi,so there's my next scratch made car:D.this time its toyota corona t14 kouki,difference between zenki and kouki is in this case especialy in taillights are kinda different,mirrors and underbumpers are in same color like body etc.since i like this car,i decided i do it for gta,JUDY send me a blueprint,so i could do usally not everything on it is modeled by me,so theres list of parts from other cars:
-wheels(from j2 ae86)
-exhaust(from j2 ae86 too)
-some parts of interior(dashboard,steering wheel,pedals are from celica xx (supra mk.2),but i edit it for this car,seats from 41AEIMI leopard f31,interior mirror from trd levin)
all other is by me:D,so i think its by me from...95% took me +- 11hours at total,by that i mean model it,convert it ingame etc...i saw few of these in bosozoku,also they are sometimes used in drift too,so i will for sure do both of them:D.thats probaly all for now,so cya;D.