Saturday, February 12, 2011

wonder civic

hi,so theres my next car,its a 3gen honda civic,JUDY told me in japan its also know as "wonder civic",its based on a tv comercial,so something like is with skyline c110-kenmery.actualy REIMU (it was on his blog,but it gets deleted)convert it to gta,but it was too big,+ on it was some things i didnt like,and it was more like street racer car,so i decided i do a stock from what i did on it:
-its smaller
-interior(its rhd now,new seats by HONDA,carpet on the floor,added interior mirror,new swheel)
-edited taillights(they are bigger,because they was too small,before they was textured by a vehlights,but in my gta it looked kinda weird so i used photo taillight texture wich was in txd)
-remaked trunk(it was kinda unrealistic,so i remodel it alittle)
-added black strips on roof
-edited textures
-its 2colored now
-new wheels(from CLUBTH accord)
-added plates
-added badge on front
and maybe i forgot for something lol thats all for now,so cya;D.