Friday, December 5, 2014

グレッド CAR WORKS garage

hi,so there goes another thing,not a car this time,but my new garage...some might remember THIS old garage i did few years ago yet for sa:lc,but it was rather plain,empty,rather more like a storage with few car bits,lol...and since MARKO gave me nfs world garage model,i decided i shall do a new one :D so it happened,as a base,i took old abandoned truck terminal located in blueberry village,cause it was pretty ideal base+i use savehouse that is in this village:Di completely remodeled it,made ceilling higher etc,scalled and moved the sign to make my own from it,completely retextured it using nfsw and few original textures,ofc interior is full of nfsw garage parts,i used more or less all,i also tryed to follow original placement of them,but since this house is abit smaller,few decent changes had to happen...but not many....also i modeled a small roof in the corner of parking,under with is some car parts,and even whole celica,i used objects from my old garage,some nfsw objects,and celica itself is from ebisu touge map by you can see on pics,i didnt used whole ground of truck terminal,since i think it was just too big for me,so the rest of the ground is more or less without changes...ofc i also did a new colision,and prelight,probably best prelights i did sofar :D.also i managed to do it as a replacement,just installing dff,txd,and col and its here,no map editor edits now :D.also as you can see there are some parked cars at the parking,actually i managed to do a cleo car spawn by myself,it actually contains 5 cars,boso markII under the roof,wich is here all the time,and right next to the sign 4 cars,from left to right,tuned levin,tuned porsche,skyline c110 gtr,and tuned s13,on pics you can see just levin and s13,because these 4 actually somehow change itself,sometimes just porshe and levin is here,and so on,i didnt set it up like that,but i dont mind it,too xD,that levin vissible in inside was parked there just for the picture...well that would be it,for sure i will be taking some pics of cars here and such,haha....well thats all for now,so cya;).