Tuesday, December 2, 2014

remember this?

hey,another car from me :D.remember THIS levin i did back in 2010? stock version done by me of THAT trd one...but i lacked so many things in it,crappy interior etc,lol...since i using this model more or less all the time for the tuning ones,on each tuning one,i fixed something...i actually wanted to do a new tuned one,but i just sayd to myself... "hey,lets firt do a fixed stock,so i dont have to fix it all the time when doing new one"...so i did :D.some tings i just moved from the tuned ones,some i did new...actually i based it on THIS tuned levin,cause it have the most fixes so far,and just continued it...so what all happened:

-fixed body(cuted in half,fixed,mirrored,welded,there was alot to weld,actually...also i modeled 3d door lines,and some other fixes,also all fenders got remodeled,before they were just too boxy...also reworked underbody,remodeled doors around windows abit,etc...this took me the longest time)
-retextured(more or less only what i left was lights,wich i edited too,all the render alike textures are gone now,they were just screwing up the model,i mean i liked it,but to make it look good,there had to be lots of places left unwelded,and i dont like that,lol...also i made textures of the engine darker,i know its not rly stock engine,its still the one from trd one,but still better than my usual photo ones,haha)
-all new interior(originally by GTAPEX,i took it edited from base tuned levin,but i had to do some remodelings,especially around doors,cause i did the door lines...)
-new bumpers(originally from base tuned levin again,they are stock zenki ones,rear got mudflaps modeled by me)
-new grill(rotating one,from base tuned levin,fully working,its se as misc_a,so it opens when lights light,i know its not supposed to work like this,but hey,atleast it works,lel)
-new exhaust(modeled by me)
-new wheels (stock one from corona rt140 done by FLASH,with my sort of rendered texture,somewhere i saw zenki levins had same)
-new handling,vehicles.ide and carcols(like usally i tryed to follow real colors,this time i picked just white,silver and red,but it contains a panda and non panda variant :D)
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

...and i think thats all....thats how i should do it back then! now i finally dont have to work more on fixing than actual tuning anymore,haha....i know back then i did a trueno too,but actually i dont rly planning to fix it,too....i like levins more anyway,lol....well that would be it,hopefully next update will finally be a meihan v2,lol...well cya for now;).