Saturday, November 22, 2014

subaru alcyone xt

hi guys,so there is another car from me :D 3th one...thats already more than when i made a comeback last time,hahaha...anyway,as tittle says,its a subaru alcyone xt,originally done by FLASH and YOHSUKE...actually,originally this was supposed to be another collab wih flash and me...2years ago,when we was thinking what we will do next,silvia s110 or this subaru was on mind...i picked the s110 first....but you know how it ended up with s110,as i write in its post...and i completely forgot about xt....few days ago,flash send me picture of xt in game and sayd something like "remember this car?",ofc i didnt so he told me how it was...i feel abit bad that i completely forgot about it,lol...but anyway,guys did a good job,flash did a body,yohsuke got interior and did finishing jobs,but it needed some more work,so i got it from them,and spend 3 days on it, what all i did on it:

-rescalled(i think it was too big)
-fixed body(lots of welding,cutting,and few remodellings too,it would be quite a long list,haha...this took me biggest part of first day of work on it)
-retextured(since it was using lots of zmodeler materials wich i dont like,i just retextured the whole thing,just 2 interior textures are still the same,hahaha)
-fixed interior(this took me the longest time,basically whole second day of working on it,for first look,it looked like it will be ok,but it wasnt...basically i remodeled whole base of interior to  make it fit right into this model,lots of welding and fixing again,also i retextured complete interior,except these buttons around swheel and stuff around gearknob,that are these 2 textures i left,haha,also interior got new mirror now)
-remodeled rear bumper(it was europen one,so i did japanese one,also i did these reverse lights,wich were missing)
-4x extra(lately i like to put them on cars,haha,this one got:one is just lip,second is just spoiler,third is only my pioneer ts-x7 at rear,fourth is all of these things toghether,also spoiler got an working 3rd brake light modeled by me) 
-remodeled vent on bonnet
-remodeled taillights(to make it ready for adapting to ivlm)
-partially remodeled headlights
-front fender indicators by me
-alcyone badge at trunk modelled by me
-new wheels(stock steelies i using pretty often with same tire,but it got original hubcaps modeled by me)
-new plates
-new exhaust
-engine by me(2d ofcourse,hahaha)
-realistic carcols(well as much i could get them with sa pallete...also the car now have 2 colors,like some was)
-new handling and vehicles.ide
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

....aaaand that would be it i think,basically there isnt a single part that i didnt touched,edited or reworked on that car now,hahaha....but im pretty happy with the result:).and thats week i will hopefully relase meihan v2 finally,but i wanted to post subaru first,haha....well that would be it,so cya next time ;).