Thursday, November 13, 2014


hi guys,did you missed me?...i know you didnt lol,but anyway,looks like gta catched me again,so here i go again,lol...first i think i shall write something what has been happening lately before getting to a car you can see below,even thought noone will probably bother with reading it,haha...

so what has been happening lately,one of reasons why i wasnt rly active on gta is,i begun to work alot with s-tuner,i dont think i have to introduce is,since lots of ppls from gta just ripping parts from it,lol.also i had a job that took alot of time,but now im unemployed again,so i have some time,haha....also,i again got a new car,after all these years interested in japanese cars,i actually got one :D.a nissan sunny n13,i had like 15 cars irl already,this one is definitely best one sofar,so i going to keep it...atm i got 2 cars,wich takes a time too,lol...also you guys might notice that i removed button for my way blog,reason why is i actually deleted it,i wasnt doing anything here anyway...i think i will put here a buton for my flickr profile,most of the pics here are from s-tuner,gran turismo,etc...also i removed these polls that was on each post,i find them pretty much useless anyway anymore,lol...

...well these are the main things that has been happening,so lets get to this car.after i begun to play gta again,i was just riding around,drifting,etc....i somehow realised,i dont have that many drift cars ingame,so i just though hey,why not to make one again?in the end i picked up this my old s13,because i checked,and last time i did s13 was 3 years ago, well,what i did on it:

-tbo bodykit(tbo front bumper,tbo sideskirt,tbo spoiler out of s-tuner,unlike these rippers,autor of s-tuner send me them,for wich i thanks to him:D,i had to remodel them abit,to make sure they 100% fit this model,also i modeled a indicators for the front bumper)
-oem rear bumper extension(i was supplyed by it from s-tuner too,but in the end it was easyer to model whole thing again right for this car,haha)
-slot grill(modeled by me)
-custom mirrors(i used them this 180sx long ago,i decided i will use them here,i remodeled them to make them 100% fit,also i modeled a glass,wich it didnt had before)
-added intercooler(newly modeled right for this car,abit low poly,but just enough for me)
-reworked interior(quite totally,i remodeled whole base,since before it didnt had trunk part,so i did a trunk part,even though trunk is still not openable,lol,parcel shielf was remodeled,it have 3d holes with matching texture,also whole interior was textured as a stripped one,ultranorsk behind the mirror,rollcage,seats,steering wheel are took out of this trd levin,so do the main stripped interior texture)
-new rims(rays nismo lm-gt2,originally by 41AEIMI,but i reworked them,i modeled a new lip,new centre,new bolts,i retextured the whole thing,also it got new tire and a new brake,also the offset,it got a decent cambers)
-new color(permanently red,also it got some decals,more or less only nismo,tbo and my own logos,no need for full pj,haha)
-new exhaust
-abit bended front plate
-adapted to ivlm(i had to remodel both headlights and taillights for it
-adapted to steering.cs

...and that would be pretty much it,atleast i hope i didnt forgot something,haha :D,if you think you saw these japan by tbo and tbo things in general somewhere,you maybe saw it in shuto kousoku movies,since the cars here got these parts and decals too,haha....well that would be it,i dont know when i will post something next time,i might post some of my s-tuner creations,if you guys will be interested in seeing that,but i didnt did anything else for gta since then,except edit of nakayubi circuit...i might post that v2 of meihan circuit...well cya for now ;)