Monday, November 17, 2014

nissan silvia s110

...after nearly a year without a post,im suddently pretty much active last week huh? anyway hi,so here is a next car,after a long while,another colab with FLASH :D.but this time its abit different....these 2 years ago we did lots of stuff toghether,such as cosmo ap, daihatsu mira,toyota markII gx71,and that time flash did his part,by that i mean main model,since i sayd we should do s110 now....but things changed,things happened,you know the drill....and i didnt get to finish it...till now,after 2 years...i know flash was abit...mad?sad? i dont know,that i didnt finished it,so now when im somehow active again,i just sayd "hey,lets get this finally done!"when i sayd to flash i finally begun to work on it,he was like "fckin finally" here it is,after 2 days of work at relaxed pace about the car itself,like usally,flash did the main model,and i finished it and get it what i did on it:

-converted to sa
-fixes on body(this took me longest time, remodeled rear fender abit,bonnet,window trims,also i rescaled it abit,like roof was too high and short,so that,also lots of welding happened...lots of other remodelling hapened,around the taillights,under the headlights,etc...also grille and headlights got abit remodeled,especially indicators,i also modeled a grill,but now i look its not rly vissible on my pics,lol,door handle allitle bit i say,there was many on it...)
-finished interior(i had to model doorboards,also some things was missing,such as mirror,gear knob,pedals,etc,so i added these things)
-gauges glow(i didnt used that in a while,done by vertex color)
-side trims modelled by me,one on rear fender next to the doors got silvia badges,as its supposed to be
-new rims(they are from my skyline c211,originally done by MRZASEN,but i retextured them to chrome/black,since they are probably identical,or pretty much similar as silvia ones,also i have modeled a centre cap for them,they got stock tire i using on all stock cars)
-modeled badges
-engine(usual low poly one,texture of it is actually a s12 engine,didnt happened to find anything better...)
-added exhaust(by me)
-added mirrors
-added licence plates
-1 extra(these PIAA foglights,same as was on our coronta rt140)
-adapted to steering.cs
-adapted to ivlm
-handling,vehicles.ide and realistic carcols(i didnt happened to find pics of silvias s110 in any more colors than these,white and red quite dominated,lel)

....aaaand that would be it i think,hope i didnt forgot something, i say,it took a while,now i not mean that 2 years wait,but the actual work on car,but in the end it was worth it,im pretty satisfied with the result :)...oh yeah also thanks to MARKO for helping me with search of interior textures,such as gauges,radio,etc...well that would be it i think,so cya for now ;).