Sunday, February 9, 2014

mazda familia/323

hai,so theres another car,a mazda familia,in europe known as 323,its a convert from rbr,ripped by MRZASEN.i had this in my project folder for a long time,so i somehow decided i want to do it already,lel,well since its from rbr,it was a rallye version,i reworked it to stock,etc,well what all was done:

-fixed body(remodeled part for rear licence plate,remodeled bumpers alittle bit,rescaled and abit reworked front around headlight,remodeled bonnet,rescalled mirrors...)
-remodeled lights(especially rear ones,to make them fit with ivlm)
-reworked interior(remodeled base,dashboard base by FLASH,but reworked by me,steering wheel modeled by me,door boards by me,seats and few other props from mira tr-xx,since it had nearly same seats,only what i had to do was remodel a head rests)
-stock rims(originally i wanted to took nearly same rims from one car i got there,but they were pretty fucked up,so it ended like i took only one hole parts,and rest is newly modelled and textured by me,tire is the one i use on all stock cars)
-original spoilers as extra part
-added licence plates
-added 3d mazda badges
-more or less real carlocls
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs

...and mb something else,lel,idk now xD. well that would be it,see you next time ;).