Friday, January 31, 2014

or maybe im not that retired as i thought....

...even thought i have 2 real cars and i shitload of other hobbys,i just fell back to san andreas business,lol...and this is the result.i just feeled like i want to do another tuned ae86,so i did,this time a levin,based on my old rework of trd levin from rfactor.i used lots of things from this tuned trueno,because i more or less fixed the stock with some addons lol,same thing happened with this what all happened

-fixed bumpers(rear without any bigger changes,stock,partyally from GTAPEX ae86,took from trueno,front stock,but with stock lip too from GTAPEX ae86,remodeled abit to fit levin bumper,painted to black)
-trims on sides(originally from my tuned trueno,but remodeled abit,for better shadow looks,painted to black)
-new grill(rotating one modeled by me,actually rotating rly works,i set it as misc_a,so it opens when the lights are on...not the way its supposed to work,but atleast it works,lel)
-new interior(again from the trueno,originally by GTAPEX,but unlike in the trueno,this time without any changes,even steering wheel is stock,only addon in interior is my pioneer ts-x7 speakers at back)
-new rims(rs watanabe that originally come with trd ae86 from rfactor,but i used different brakedisc and also i retextured the tire)
-new plates
-new exhaust
-some decals on windows
-adapted to IVLM(i had to more or less completely remodel the taillights for this)
-adapted to steering.cs

well that would be all,not much hapened,also it look pretty much stock lol,but it took me few hours and i think the final product is pretty cool :)...also before this i already did a fixed version of meihan circuit,its vissible on some pics,might do its own post one day,mb i will relase it as v2...well see...also i dont think i will be that active as i used to,well see... well that would be all,see you next time ;).