Tuesday, December 16, 2014

intermission:škoda 100

hi,as title says,here comes the intermission.what do i mean by that?well its like...+-6 years since i did something thats not a japanese car,map,mod,whatever...till now o:.as tittle sayd too,its a skoda 100,for these who dont know,skoda is a car manufacturer here in cz,i got many of them already,and even one i got for a while too now,skoda 100 have come in 1969,and basically its a facelift of 1000MB model...i had this model,wich is in pretty great quallity,in my project folder for like 4 years already,but i was concistering if i shall even convert it,since whole my game is quite japanese stilized,all cars are japanese,etc...but DYXiCZ have send me his converted version,for wich he did engine etc,also it needed less work than the usual model,so i decided i will do it after all based on his one....so what i did on it:

-rescaled(it was too big)
-cut in half and mirrored,welded,etc,to get same wireframe on each side
-remodeled engine bay allitlebit
-remodeled underbody
-remodeled taillights
-nearly complete car is retextured(except some interior bits,and nearly whole engine,expect exhaust)
-fixed interior(interior needed probably the most work on it,since the doorboards,and whole interior sides were like / \,wich isnt rly right,so i rotated them and reworked them to get then flat as theyre spposed to be,also i reworked seats,abit remodeled the interior base)
-edited mirrors(originally the model had one on fender at driver side,yet i never saw this elsewhere than on prospect,so i abit resized them and such and put them on doors
-new rims(model originally come with one alus from prospect,wich are super rare to find,or stock steelies with hubcaps,dyxi have converted the alus,i decided i will use the steelies,so i did,i used the tire i use on all stock rims)
-new plates(czech export ones,car gets them when its gonna be permanently moved out of cz...i used them for purpose,as i sayd whole my game is abit japanese stylized,so i want to atleast allitle got a feel of it being an individual import,lel,i also set it like it dont drive around the city...)
-new handling,vehicles.ide
-new carcols(i followed as much as i could one actual pallete,unsure from wich year,it changed few times)
-adapted to ivlm
-adapted to steering.cs
(in case of ivlm and steering.cs,it was adapted to it when i got it,but since i retextured and remodeled taillights for and rescaled it,i had to do it again)

...well that would be it,i dont think i mentioned,but skoda 100 was actually my first car from scratch,yet for mafia...but this one is just way better and more correct :),i might do some kind of 70s and 80s style cz rallye,or uphill race tuning,well see....i think this was for a long time last mod that is not japanese,haha...well thats all for now,cya next time;).