Thursday, January 13, 2011

nissan 180sx type-gt

hi,so theres finnaly my next car:D how i sayd its a drift car after some time,this time an what i did on it:
-bodykit(uras type-gt,bumpers,sideskirts,bonnet,front fender holes modeled by me,mirrors and rear spoiler taked from my old garage defend 180sx)
-new headlight(modeled by me)
-new taillights(i did that texture long time ago from some photo)
-engine(sr20det taked from my old street tuned onevia,but i edited intercooler for this one)
-interior(new seats,removed rear seats,new handbrake,new pedals,new gearshift,new steering wheel,all taked from my trd levin)
-new wheels(volk CE28N by by D・K from D・K's Wheel Shop)
-new plates
thats probaly all this time,i already have ready next car,i hope i will post it soon:D.thats all for now,so cya;D.