Saturday, November 27, 2010

RANDOM SNAP:bosozoku meeting

hi,so theres one late night update(when i writing that,in cz is 1:23am lawl)xD.before i get right to todays random snap,theres some news i want to write first one,my pc was upgraded,new video card,processor and all that shits,now i can pretty nicely play IV here,so i think i do some IV mods agin:D.and next thing is,some of you probaly already know it,but youtube canceled my yt channel...its because that song wich i put to sekia hills drift video...actualy not much hapen when you do that one time,but i did that 3 times already lol so they remove my channel...but whatever,i did a new one,if you want you can check it here,i didnt uploaded any vid here yet but dont worry,i will do that soon; now to the today's random snap,like with skyline meeting one,today's one is same,too on lc-futo, but skyline's was replaced by all bosozoku cars wich i have ingame atm thats all for now,so cya;D.