Monday, November 15, 2010

rotary power

hi,so how i sayd yesterday,theres next car:D.this time its mazda rx3,and its something like my tuned c110 and c210,its,how i call it,bosozoku stylized drift car,i call it like that especialy because its engine:D,anyway what i did on it:
-all chromed parts painted to black(grill,bumpers,door handles etc...i inspired for that here)
-bodykit(overfenders,lip,spoiler modeled by me,i inspired for that here aswell)
-engine(13b from fd3s)
-side exhaust(from trd n2 levin)
-remaked grill
-remodeled taillights(before it was just textured desk lol)
-remaked interior(especialy remodeled dashboard,before it was just textured desk too lol,next retextured carpet,doorboards are textured by texture from c210,added repros,removed rear seats,modeled handbrake,pedals,seats and swheel from trd n2 levin,and mb something next)
-new mirrors(from my z10 soarer)
-new wheels(ssr formula mesh)
-new plates(front one was moved behind to front window)
-new paint(its still yellow like that,its not an gta color,next some decals)
-fixed some small problems wich was on it
i think thats all about that car:D. i already have ready another car to show up,actualy another bosozoku,but i show it most probaly in friday.thats all for now,so cya;D