Saturday, November 13, 2010


hi,so yes,this is that "special" car about what i writed yesterday,you didnt expect that huh? how you can see,its porsche 911 turbo (930) from 1989,SVANDER send me it to convert,because i want do some porshe in RWB (japanese company wich tuning especialy porsches)style:D...its convert from NFS: High Stakes ,because its just convert i didnt did too much this time,but still:
-used hq interior wich i edit alittle(it had an lq interior for exterior view and hq for interior view,i used hq one but i had to edit some thinngs,seats and pedals are from some other porsche,SVANDER send me it because it didnt had....also i removed rear seats,made gauges light,and some next fixes)
-its paintable
-sa lights
-added plates(japanese ofc xD)
-doors,trunk and bonnet are openable
and mb some next details for what i forgot xD.anyway thats probaly all about this car,for tomorow i have ready to show another car,this time an jdm agin:D.thats all for now,so cya;D
(btw,if someone onder where i get that por...shay thing in name of that post,its in manga called Kanojo no Carrera,its pretty cool ;D).