Friday, November 12, 2010

nissan skyline c110 v2

hi,so theres another car update:D,this time its second version of my c110 wich i did from scratch some time ago...actualy i did this version +- 2 weeks ago,but i somehow didnt get to show it...anyway what did i change in this version:
-remodeled roof and rear(roof and especialy rear window and taillights was pretty much unrealistic,so i taked roof from 41AEIMIs c110,and then remodel it on this one,taillights i model more or less totaly new,also i had to remodel trunk and interior to fit new back)
-new spoiler(too from 41AEIMIs c110)
-new plates
-lighting gauges
-new door handles(the previous one was more high poly,but they was pretty screwd...)
-fixed some normals problems(especialy on door lines)
-new reflections
thats probaly all what was changed on that car...anyway i have ready next car to show up,i think it will be kinda suprise for you,that i did that car xD.thats all for now,so cya;D